Beauty · July 2017

Protecting Our Skin

My S.O.’s job requires him to be outside A LOT. So when I learned he wasn’t wearing sunscreen on a regular basis I cringed. I, for one, have made it my mission to have better skin care practices these days after I began developing fine lines on my forehead a few years ago. I was going out in the hot California sun without a thought of sunscreen unless it was an exceptionally hot day and I was doing something outdoorsy. But even still, I was only applying to my nose, under the eyes and on my arms. I wasn’t even moisturizing or using toners so my skin certainly was not being taken care of in the right ways. 

Now that I take skincare more seriously, it’s important that those around me also also practice good sunsafe habits. So, if you can imagine, S never gets to leave the house during the day without a loving reminder to apply that sunscreen. The funny thing is, staying on top of him about his skincare actually causes me to be sure I’m also practicing what I preach so it’s a great reminder for myself as well. 

S and I went to the MCX and found some really great sunscreens. I’m an advocate of using products on your face that were developed my companies who specialize in facial skincare. Mostly because I have sensitive skin so using a product like Banana Boat will cause me to break out. So for S we found a two in one moisturizer and sunscreen with 30 spf by Kiehls. I myself had already purchased a 50 spf by Clairns that goes under makeup so nicely. Though, I wish it also had a moisturizer.  Since it does not, I end up adding my moisturizer after setting my sunscreen. But, don’t get hung up on brand names because they all work the same, really. 30 spf is 30 spf whether it’s Clairns or Banana Boat. 

Future Military Wife · July 2017

Managing Deployment

Being new (a year in) to the military girlfriend/spouse world comes with a lot of new experiences to adjust to. One of which being having your loved one deploy for weeks and sometimes months at a time. Most relationships don’t come with this prerequisite, but if your significant other is in the military they are bound to be deployed at some point. For us it’s multiple times throughout the year. Luckily, we usually have a good idea of dates he’ll be away but other times they can be more random with just a months notice. I’m sure there are others who have it worse and get far less notice so for that I am grateful.

Managing time away from your S.O. can be difficult. I’m in the house all by myself…sometimes it’s a luxury but it can often get, well, lonely. So, S and I came up with a way to keep in touch. With weeks / months deployed (luckily he always has cell tower signals) we decided to Skype daily vs chat on the phone which helps us stay more connected. I really love it.

Keeping busy is one of the best ways to pass time during a deployment. I really enjoy finding creative recipes and cooking during this time and do my best to get out with a friend so I’m not cooped up in doors. I found it’s nice to visit with other military spouses that I know  who’s husbands are on the same deployment. This year though, will be quite different than the last since I’ll be in school simultaneously during the months he’s away. I’m thinking this will actually be a good distraction as I’ll spend my time studying that I may have spent cuddling with my love bug.