Surviving Premed 

So this is a quick post about where I’ve been lately and unfortunately it’s not very exiting. As you all know I started classes this fall. I’m taking chemistry, chemistry lab, and I am math course for review before I take calculus. But prior to all this happening I had surgery at the end of July which didn’t go quite according to plan. The healing process was longer than expected and we didn’t really know why. I was on bedrest for about three weeks. 10 days have to my surgery I developed a really terrible cough and was in and out of the hospital or doctors offices almost on a daily basis. We did CT scans, asthma steroids, you name it. The pain got progressively worse. My energy was extremely low. It was to the point my chest was so tight I couldn’t breathe and I was hunched over from the muscle spasms. The left side of my body was bruising and swollen. I felt like crap to say the least. Not to mention this was the worst timing as it was just a few days before it began school. That’s when we found out I developed an infection through the incision site for my surgery. My doctor works quickly to get me on the proper antibiotics to fight the infection. I was on three different courses in addition to vitamin to counteract the steroid I was given. Apparently giving the patient a steroid during the postop. Inhibitor body from properly Helen, Bass, my body had never quite healed from the surgery to reopen allowing infection to take over. I just finished my last antibiotic two days ago and I’m still not in the clear but I’m feeling much better. I spent about six weeks on bed rest. Making it through the first two weeks of school was very hard. I’ve become extremely exhausted after just two or four hours out and would have to make my way back home after classes but still trying to keep up enough energy to grind and finish my assignments. My professors never even realize how much I was going through. I guess that’s what happens when you keep a smile on your face. But I was in constant pain, on a lot of meds, and barely have the energy to keep going. Some days were good most weeks were pretty miserable. I’ve never been in so much pain in my entire life. I knew something was wrong before my doctor realize I had an infection. I literally felt like things were shutting down. Maybe it wasn’t that bad, thank God! But something was totally awesome. I’m glad I’m feeling better hopefully it keeps up. I just did a study marathon catching up on homework that I put off to prepare for this weeks exams. Wish me luck. I’m expecting to get back stellar scores.