Military Medicine

I recently met with an Army and Navy recruiter to find out more regarding their medical school scholarship. I have to say, I was very impressed by the options available. What was especially helpful is not only is you medical school paid for but you also receive a housing allowance, also known as BAH, which in my city is $2,200 per month. As a medical student this would be beyond helpful.

One think I was concerned with (slightly) was the number of payback years before you can go on to practice civilian medicine or open your own practice. But that’s not the biggest concern since in my opinion it doesn’t matter where I’m practicing asking as I’m doing what I love. So if I’m on a base working with military and their families then I could really as for more. Of course, there is the chance you could be deployed overseas but in the current climate (non wartime) I’d presume that’s not very likely of an option. Anyhow, payback years were four years and if I recall correctly if your doing your residency in a Navy hospital that may (I may be wrong) be part of your payback but…ask a recruiter to be sure on that one.

The Navy did break down residency pay which as an officer was about $100k a year. Now that’s just amazing considering civilian residents work 80 hours a week at about $56k a year.

So the perks in addition to the pride of serving our country is second to none.

There of course is what they refer to as a baby boot camp geared towards officers. As you can probably tell from it’s nickname it’s nothing compared to what our fine enlisted men and women would complete as training.

…All of this sount great until…I found out I wasn’t qualified due to actively having asthma. Straight disqualifier. I could just see myself if a freshly pressed Navy uniform and that dream was snatched a way from me with a quickness. I was so sad but obviously realized the rules are in place for very important reasons and I have to respect that. So even though this isn’t something I can pursue I still wanted to share this great opportunity to practice military medicine with the rest of you.

If you chat with a recruiter or have any additional information to share please add it in the comment section. I’d be happy to hear about it.

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