Top of the Class

Hey guys. I hope everyone’s semester (if your also a premed) is going well.

Last week I shadowed a plastic surgeon on a local hospital. Was very surprised by the variety of cases she sees. There was a patient with a huge hernia handing over his stomach. A little um gross (can I say that?) but very eye opening.

Last week we took our first Orgo exam. I’m speculating but I think my test was the highest score. I missed one question on the entire test. Score of 101 / 106. Class average was 71. So I pretty much nocked it out of the park. I freaked when I saw my score! Still more work left to go. I think we have four more tests. Aiming for A’s on all of them.

On a not so great note physics is kicking my butt. Getting tutoring trying to survive one day at a time lol But it definitely has me nervous. Fingers crossed.

My S.O. Just got a new MOS. Sooo we might be moving depending on where they station him. That’ll likely be sometime later next year after he finishes training.

I’ll update you guys some more. Currently trying to get research under my belt too. I’m of looking forward to revealing my identity and announcing to my family and friends what I’ve been up to once I’m accepted to med school. I’ll be a 2020 applicant so we have a little ways to go still 🙂

If anyone has any advice regarding strengthening my application please share.

Signing out. Getting back to studying at the library. Current time is 20:34. 🙂

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