Summer “Break”

Hey you guys so I just finished classes about five days ago. Hence the reason why you have not heard from me in a while. Let me update you a little bit on this semester. As part of my post baccalaureate courses this semester I took Physics, physics lab and organic chemistry too. I am so happy that Physics is over. This was my least favorite subject I have to be honest this is the only class I’ve ever taken where I just completely dreaded it LOL Is it weird that that’s the only subject I’m worried about for the MCAT? Give me organic chemistry all day boo!

Speaking of organic chemistry. Last year was in retrospect a breeze compared to this semester. This semester kicked my butt. However I managed to end up at the top of the class. I wasn’t number one. But I believe I was second in the class. Last semester I had the highest scores across the board. This semester it took a lot more gumption to keep up studying literally all day into the late evenings. I studied at a minimum six hours a day but on average are probably studied 10 to 12 hours a day. I normally wake up early and car pool with my significant other to his post. From there I drive to campus to study a few hours before class. Go to class and then study. Go to class. And then study some more until the late evening. Then drive home around 8p or 10p. I always wait until traffic dies down because it’s pretty bad in our area.

I’m waiting for grades to post but I am expecting is an all three classes. This semester was not easy. I had a lot of additional stresses which had a lot to do with deployments, medical issues that I was trying to work through during the semester, auditions (I’m also a trained actress and balance that and school).

I figure I’ll be a little chance. Share some of what was going on. In December after I had my tonsils taken out I noticed that I started having hot flashes which honestly should have nothing to do with having tonsils taken out so myself and my positions don’t feel that it has any correlation but this is just to give you a sense of timing. So I’m having hot flashes, and it’s extremely unusual on. I’m only 29. Then my menstrual stops. This goes on for months. No menstrual and hot flashes. So honestly I knew Something was wrong. I know my body. So I go to see it on ecologist who puts me on a medication to keep start kick start my menstrual FYI sorry for the guys who are reading this LOL but you want to be a doctor anyway so might as well get used to it. Anyway, after about 20 days on this medication and my menstrual still doesn’t start which is it supposed to be the case. She told me yeah most people end up having their menstrual after just 10 days. So I’m getting increasingly worried and stressed. I think the hormones are causing me to feel like myself and extremely anxious plus my SO was deployed at the time so there wasn’t really anybody I could kind of lean on to talk to about all this which definitely added to my stress levels. Anyway, I did the testing to see if I was ovulating at all and turns out according to the test I’m not and they think it’s abnormal. So, more testing. I’m trying to stay positive because we want so much to have kids. This weighs so heavily on me. I hope it’ll all turn out alright.

I have to be honest I did have what I homely like to call, my “annual once yearly break down” where I just had to let it all out and cry and then after that I was good again haha I think anyone going through this process can definitely feel where I’m coming from. It was actually helpful to know that there’s so many undergrads who are experiencing the same stress when it comes to achieving academic excellence in order to get into med school. The stakes just seem so high.

Although I am technically on break it doesn’t feel like it. I just got an opportunity to work as a scribe in the hospital so right now I’m getting a crash course in medical terminology we’re just going to take up the next two weeks of my time in order to prepare for the exam because I want to pass with flying colors. I am so grateful to have gotten this opportunity. I found out about it the week they were wrapping up interviews so I am very lucky to be able to do this for the next year. I will be working in the Mergen see room will be able to take in a little bit of everything and shadow physicians at the same time. It’s gonna be a great learning experience.

After I finish studying for this this upcoming exam I’ll be getting a head start on biology two material since I put that off I will be taking it this summer. I’ll also be taking the MCAT prep course likely through Kaplan. Then I will be studying bio chemistry so that I can get a Headstart there and get through majority of the material before the semester ends as I plan to take the MCAT in February.

And more interesting news Megan Miracle had her baby today! How exciting. I’m currently in the gym dictating this blog post as you all know I like to do. So once again please ignore any typos I try to go back afterwards and re-added and clean it up. But this is a lot more efficient way for me to finally get an a post. I am happy that I am able to start working out again I eat a lot more when I’m studying so I snack which I feel helps to keep me going. I want to lose about 10 pounds. So that’ll get me back to my usual weight. I’m also planning to see Misty Copeland dance in New York on the 25th of this month so I’m very excited about that! So it’s nice that I get to enjoy at least a portion of my summer before I have to start up studying again. Let me know how everything is going with you guys. I hope to start some sort of YouTube channel at some point but Dattle probably be after I get into med school are the kind of document that next chapter of life. I guess everyone will have to come to my blog to see what it was like as a premed. As you can tell with the lack of entries I barely have time to think about anything else as I’m sure you guys totally understand. School is my number one priority and with only two years to get through the material and apply I feel like I’ve only gotten one shot to get this right! Wish me luck you guys I’m wishing you guys the best as well.