End of Premed Journey Update

Hey everyone. I haven’t forgotten about this blog but this last semester was pretty grueling. I have to say, organic chemistry was a lot of work but it wasn’t quite as hard as the bio chemistry class I took this semester. I didn’t think it would be so challenging but we definitely had a professor who stuck it to us. Not to mention I had some pretty crazy ordeals take place this semester.

Just before our biggest exam my car was broken into and all of my notes from the semester were taken (… along with my electronics in my backpack but my greatest concern were my notes). Just a few weeks later would be our final.

Needless to say I had to buckle down and work doubly fast to make up for all the notes from lectures and online content that I had accumulated the entire semester in preparation for the final and my exam which would be in just a few days. Unfortunately my professor could care less that everything from all my classes were gone with exams quickly approaching. There were no accommodations or extensions. It was not easy. They were definitely tears. But I made it through and maintained my A! I’m pretty sure less than a handful of us were able to pull off an A in the class. More than half the class dropped the course which our professor liked to call the ‘great exodus’ because of how many students realize they’re not going to pass right after midterms. It definitely made me feel for those students because anyone who makes it all the way to Biochem is definitely very smart. I’m hoping that the class didn’t deter them from their med school dreams or their timeline for completing their degree.

But for me, this was the end of a two-year journey of getting my premed classes taken care of. Two years ago I thought this was the most daunting thing I’ve ever done. I remember thinking “wow I won’t be done for two years.” It seemed like forever. Changing my career or adding a career was a big step. What I mean by that is I worked as a professional actress before this. Things were going pretty good but I also had other ambitions and passions that I wanted to pursue and I didn’t want to regret not doing it. Throughout my journey I’ve still been able to maintain working on a few projects here and there but of course the sciences have really taken most of my time. The fact I was able to balance anything is an absolute miracle. I remember being on set working 16 hour days and having my Anki cards and textbooks out. Definitely something you don’t see every day on set haha 

But the journey isn’t quite over yet. I have one last hurdle. You got it… The MCAT. It’s 1:30 AM and I am currently studying from my Kaplan books. I have my first Kaplan class later today. Wish me luck! I’ll update you all at the end of this journey. I plan to sit for the MCAT in May. So I’m getting a bit of a head start which is always good.  My goal is to be competitive and to have options for the med schools I can go to especially so that my significant other and I are not separated since he doesn’t retire from the military for another four years. 

Lastly, before I conclude this update, this past year has been kind of crazy. I had two surgeries. And also discovered I may likely need IVF treatments if we want to conceive. It doesn’t really bother me because I understand the human body and the fact that aside from making healthy eating habits, we can’t really control you’re level of fertility. This may be TMI for the guys reading this ha ha but look if you’re going into medicine you’re going to learn about this topic anyway and regardless…infertility effects a high percent of men (about 40% of the time an infertility case is related to the male) so its always good to be more informed on the topic. But anyway, I just thought I would share so that you guys get more of a full scope of how my year has been.

Getting this news was definitely extremely stressful because I’ve had to make some pretty rapid decisions about my future and we’ve decided to undergo ICSI treatment. I plan to freeze embryos so that I don’t have to worry about carrying a child right now before going to med school which would be really challenging, especially because we don’t have any family nearby to help.

I plan to document our IVF/ICSI journey. Possibly once I revealed to the rest of the world (i.e. my friends who don’t know what I’ve been up to for the past two years) of my premed journey. I’m pretty much waiting to announce everything once I get into med school. I’m one of the those people that really hates talking up things until it’s solidified. I like to stay focused on my goals and avoid any outside opinions or distractions.

Well that’s it for tonight. S (my significant other) has a friend in town for his bachelor party  and he’s crashing with us for the night. So I’m going to go make sure the guest room is made up and ready for him when they get back. 

If anyone’s gone through a premed journey that has any feedback, or words of encouragement it would be so appreciated right now. Leave it in the comments and I will definitely read it and respond. Thank you! Good night.